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What      we
areall about

The idea

Behind Aiko are standing two good friends, who both have fuzzy furry eater at home.

We love our furry best friends and realized quick that there is no food on the market which meets our needs in a healthy, delicous and sustainable cuisine for our dogoos.

Meet the hard-working doggos in charge of ensuring Aiko is delicious, by performing taste tests every day, with little snack breaks in between. It’s a very tough job, but someone has got to do it …

Mischa aka the Super sausage
Mischa is also known as The Super Sausage. She’s the little love bomb in the pack: She loves everyone and everything, but the greatest love of all is her love for snacks. No sub-standard snack would sneak past her discerning taste-buds! Mischa loves giving kisses, digging HUGE holes, and playing at the beach with her big sister Bambi. People often ask her where she gets the energy to do it all. The answer is Aiko, of course.
Rosie is a world-champion cuddler and attention seeker. No simple walkies for this over-achiever: she loves hugs, cuddles and RUNNIES. When it’s time for a cuddle, Rosie will let you know. And you better be ready, because this super-size lapdoggie will jump into your lap and claim her rightful place as queen of the world. Is there a secret to being this fit, cute and cuddly? If you let her sit in your lap she’ll whisper in your ear: It’s all because of Aiko!
Bambi is a strong and independent doggo. Although she’s little, her favourite thing is her huge fatsack, where she rests and reclines until she feels ready for action. In an active mood, her preferred activities include bird chasing and playing like crazy with her friend Rosie. She’s a doting and devoted sister to Mischa and an all round good girl. Her independent scientific taste trials have proven that Aiko is the yummiest food out there. She’ll write up the results as soon as she’s done chasing those birds.

Say hi to our amazing crew.

Our amazing Vet

Dr. George Koury

Dr. Koury works closely with us to make sure the health of all the big and small furry family members are as good as they can be. He is a big supporter of sustainability and always has our dogs health close to his heart.

Our experienced guru

Pet nutrition expert

Our nutritionist has 30 years experience in creating the best dog food there is. There is no question about pet nutrition or animal health he can’t answer. He makes sure our recipes are as healthy and delicious they can be.

Our crawly experts

Insect farmer

They take care of our precious insects. We love working with them as they always look for new and innovative solutions. They care deeply about the environment, back everything they do with science and make sure that the farm meets the highest standards and requirements.
Aiko’s mission is to bring positive change to pets, the planet & people.

Aiko’s mission is to bring positive change to pets, the planet & people.

Our mission is to make wholesome, nutritious cuisine for our furry best friends. Our food is prepared from a pioneering, sustainable alternative protein source, and fresh, organic, community-farmed fruits and vegetables.

Give a paw

We are also committing to support local animal shelters by donating dog food and supporting their adaption cause. As we believe giving back and supporting amazing people who also want to make a difference in a furry little heart is just the most amazing thing

Put earth first

By using insects we commit to help changing the use of animal farms and are supporting the cause of treating animal farms kinder and opening our minds about new and better ways to run the planet.

Support local

With committing to a truly sustainable pet food. We are proud to say that we source and produce all our ingredients locally in South africa. We want to cut out as many ways as possible to cut out even more CO2 in our supply chain.

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